Practice Areas

Trademark & Patent Prosecution

  • trademark registration
  • filing of patent application

Copyright & Related Rights

  • registration of works and obtaining cerificate;
  • consultation, investigation and evidence collecting, administrative settlement and litigation related to copyright infringement;
  • consultance concerning copyright and fair use of copyrighted materials;
  • copyright licensing and assignment;

IP Portfolio Management

  • classifying and evaluating IP assets;
  • freedom-to-operate study;
  • identifying inherent risks;
  • identifying strategic objectives with improved IP management;
  • maintenance of renewals and payments;

IP Enforcement

  • monitoring & survey of marketplace;
  • stopping unauthorised use;
  • deterring future infringements;
  • obtaining recovery for damages resulting from the infringing act;
  • assistance through contacting national organisations or right holder associations;
  • recordation in custom office;

IP Due Diligence & IP Valuation

  • defining, examining and analyzing an IP portfolio of a target company & SME’s;
  • examining the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP, the ownership rights surrounding the IP;
  • revealing the value of the involved intangible assets—patents, trade marks, copyrights and trade secrets;
  • maximizing the value of the IP portfolio present;
  • status check of the IP portfolio;
  • identification of the portfolio’s strengths and weaknesses; freedom-to-operate considerations; scope-of-protection; validity and enforceability concerns; ownership issues;